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Staffordshire Foot & Ankle Steroid Injection Clinic

In 2021, my good friend and colleague, Marie-Noelle and owner of 'Reid Podiatry' asked if we could team up to provide a steroid injection clinic in Staffordshire.  I am also happy to see patients who require expert MSK Assessment and Treatment. 

Many patients across Staffordshire have contacted Reid Podiatry, based in Rugeley, in severe pain, hopeful of an injection, in the hope of a faster resolution of their pain.. 


We can also provide Ostenil Injections (Sodium Hyaluronate) currently not commissioned by local NHS Services.

Drug and Syringe
Drug and Syringe

Appointment Costs


Steroid Injection                              

Ultrasound Guided Injection         

Follow Up Appointment 

Additional Steroid Injection
(during the same appointment)               

Ostenil Injection
Joints in the Foot                     

Ankle Joint                                      

Ostenil Plus











Patients must have been seen previously by Scott Alldrick or at Reid Podiatry (about the problem to be injected) to book / pay for a steroid injection (only) appointment.


Otherwise the fee for a consultation (£80) and steroid injection (£95) will be £175  (or £280 if Ultrasound Guided).

Follow up appointments are not mandatory, with the onus on the patient to arrange a review appointment if their pain is not manageable following injection.  

We are not able to inject every foot pathology under Ultrasound Guidance.  The option on Clinically Guided Injections or Ultrasound Guided Injection can be made on the day or discussed pre appointment. 

An Ultrasound Guided Injection does not include an Ultrasound Diagnosis. They are used purely for giving a visualised accurate guided injection.

Ostenil Injections are usually given as a course of 3 injections (every 7 to 10 days).  If all 3 appointments are booked together we will offer a 15% discount.

Ostenil Plus is a one off injection to prevent the need for a course of injections. 

We have to order Ostenil specially for your appointment, so please discuss this with us, before making an appointment. 

For further information on Steroid Injections please click on this link:  Drug information - steroid injections information booklet (

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Ostenil Injections

Ostenil contains Sodium Hyaluronate and works by restoring the balance between the breakdown and production of Sodium Hyaluronate. It can be an alternative solution to improving joint pain of an Osteoarthritic nature. 

Ostenil Plus contains a higher concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate, with the addition of Mannitol which helps stabilise the chains of Sodium Hyaluronate. This can only be used in the Ankle and 1st MTP (big toe) Joint in our clinic.

For more information please visit:


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